Spring Wardrobe Edit for The Entire Family

Who else is ready to change over their wardrobe for spring? This girl. It snowed here yesterday, a clear reminder that we aren’t out of the dark just yet. Either way, we have been blessed with some warmer days and it makes me excited for warmer temps on the horizon.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my wardrobe for spring. Since having Charlie I have really wanted to simplify my style – step away from the bolder choices and streamline with more timeless pieces. Dave and I have generally classic taste. Mine is more on the feminine side but unfortunately Chicago winters don’t allow me to partake in my favorites dresses as often as I’d like. I wanted to share our list of spring must-haves for the whole family. Dave helped me with this so the items for men are coming from a good source!

Liz’s Essentials:

A utility jacket (unfortunately mine is old) – love this, this, this and this.

A cashmere scarf to throw over any outfit when you need an extra layer.

A great pair of white jeans (also love these and these).

Sneakers to wear with everything (love the idea of wearing these with this dress).

A straw/wicker bag (also love this one).

A feminine blouse – this, this, this and this

Loafers/ballet flats/slides – love these, these, these and these.

An easy shirt dress (with a belt around your waist).

A trench coat – love this, this, this and this.

A lightweight sweater (my favorite cashmere here and here).

Dave’s Essentials:

A stylish jacket.

A cashmere sweater (this is his favorite).

A classic pair of sunglasses.

Jeans that actually fit.

A good pair of khakis (these and these are his favorites).

Cool sneakers – like this, this, this and this.

A short sleeve button down (Liz loves this and this).

Classic loafers.

A good sport coat

A good henley tee (his favorites here and here, too!). 

Charlie’s Essentials:

A cute raincoat (love this, this and this).

Skinny jeans to look cool.

Leggings to run around in (favorite brands here and here).

Graphic sweatshirts.

Sneakers (here, here and here).

Pajamas for bed time (favorites here, here and here).

A pretty diaper bag for my mom.

A stroller that makes me look like a boss (favorites here and here).

Comfy t-shirts (love these, these and these).

Old man sweaters (here and here).

Baby joggers.

Webster’s Essentials:

Anything and everything from Southport Hound (our favorites are this, this and this). 


Alright now let’s all think happy thoughts for spring, k? 


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