An Exciting Weekend For Our Family

On Friday, Dave and I closed on our first home! It feels so nice to type out those words…

We knew we were ready to buy a house but had no idea it would happen so quickly. We had actually considered (and were looking!) buying a home in the city before I found out I was pregnant with Charlie. In all honesty I am so happy we waited. When I was little I grew up on a block with 24 kids. We played ghost in the graveyard on summer nights, had block parties and my best friends were always my neighbors. My best friend to this day was my neighbor growing up and is actually the one who introduced me to Dave (hey Lauren!). I knew that this was something I always wanted for my children.

As we plan to grow our family in the next year, my itch to have a place to call our own has grown. Especially since we currently live on the third floor of a walk up brown stone in Lincoln Park. Bundling up Charlie to walk Webster down three flights of stairs and around the block when it is 25 degrees outside is getting really old. After living in the city for almost 10 years it feels like a good time to make a change.

We honestly had not even aimed to look until this summer because we have our lease through July. But, my friend is a realtor and heard word that a house was about to go on the market and something about it reminded her of us. She said it was going to go fast and if we wanted to see it we would need to ASAP. So, we drove out the next day and fell in love. When we pulled away I cried! I also laughed because I was so shocked by my reaction but something about it felt really special. Fast forward two months…beating out another offer that was also on the house, dealing with lenders (not easy when you are an entrepreneur!), inspections, etc. we are finally homeowners!

Our home was built in 1927 and is filled with so much character. I grew up in a house that is over 100 years old and always knew I wanted something similar. We have a few projects to do like painting the exterior, painting some interior rooms and once we are in the house we are going to work on renovating our kitchen (and bumping out some walls). Luckily, the house is in great shape and the family that lived there before did such an amazing job keeping it up. The bathrooms are completely updated and the kitchen has been very loved but nothing we can’t live with for a bit. We actually won’t be moving until June 1 but I am so excited to share this process with you all! Lots of planning has been happening on my Pinterest boards which I hope to share some inspo later this week. 

After we closed on the house we ventured to Wisconsin to relax for the weekend at my family’s lake house. I wanted to share a few photos from the snow. Shopbop just announced their buy more, save more sale (save up to 25% off with code GOBIG17!!) and my sweater, jeans and boots are included! I’m going to be share my favorites from the sale later today/tomorrow so stay tuned or you can shop a preview in the scroller below. 


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