Finding Balance and Being Happy

 Sometimes a weekend away is all you need to realize the importance of finding balance in your life. To be honest, I was kind of dreading leaving my little bubble. I am such a creature of comfort and always more comfortable staying put. Celebrating my sister’s bachelorette party was just what I needed to realize the importance of putting myself first and remembering that life is about balance. When you give all the time, you also deserve to receive a little time to yourself.

Sometimes it feels like social media runs my world. I have to post at a certain time, I have to respond, I have to be present, I have to plan my next post, I have to create more content, I have to converse, I have to keep up – it really has become this game that is hard to play. Before this weekend I knew I wanted to put my phone down and really let myself enjoy some girl time. I needed it and that is just what I did. But WHY do you let yourself have time to yourself and immediately feel behind as soon as you step back into reality? Everyone probably feels like this regardless of your profession. It is a common theme in a fast paced world. We really need to remind ourselves that we deserve to take a break. I’m realizing just how important finding the balance between work and play is to my general happiness. 

So, what makes you happy? A few things that make me happy: enjoying a hot cup of coffee by myself, my record player, freshly cleaned sheets, Charlie’s laugh, realizing that I haven’t looked at my phone in hours, lying on the couch with Dave, reading, exercising, thinking about the future of my family and spending time with the ones I love. 

*To be clear, I am not complaining. My job is social media and I thank God everyday for letting me do what I love and take care of Charlie at the same time. It is something I will never ever take for granted. I’m just sharing my experience in case you maybe relate on some level. 

Outfit details: Zara Leather Jacket (similar here and here), Zara Sweater (similar here and here), Frame Denim, Golden Goose Sneakers, Gucci Bag, NARS Lip Color in Jungle Red

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