10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dave

By now you are all familiar with my handsome husband, Dave. He is my better half, my sounding board and my happy place. I always get questions about our love story and how we met (I’ll share that soon!) but today I wanted to share a few things that you may not know about my baby daddy. Here we go…

1.  Dave cries at everything. Insurance commercials, photos of Webster as a puppy, episodes of Undercover Boss, Charlie and me.

2. When Dave and I met we found out that his grandfather was my mom’s pediatrician growing up. My mom was born in the same town that Dave was raised outside of Detroit.

3. Dave got Webster 2 months after we started dating. He found Webster advertised in the Chicago Tribune for $500. 

4. Dave is without a doubt the most loyal friend in the world. If everyone he knew had to move on the same day, he would be sure to help every single person pack their boxes into the truck. He treats everyone the same and is always there for anyone. 

5. He doesn’t know the words to any songs but tries so hard to pretend that he does. Actually, he knows one song: Wonderwall by Oasis (and sings is alllll the time).

6. Dave spills everything. He is incredibly clumsy and I swear a mess follows him wherever he goes.

7. He snores like an elephant.

8. Dave started his own business with his best friend/business partner. It is called Safe Charge and is a secure cell phone charging station and locker system.

9. He has gotten two hole in ones on the golf course.

10. He proposed to me in the same bar, in the same booth where we had our first date on a random Wednesday night. 

11 (just because). His nickname is Dave Bear. 

As if I couldn’t love Dave enough when he was my husband, watching him become a dad has been my greatest joy. We would bother agree that life is slower but infinitely better. I was thinking about how much we’ve changed as individuals since we had Charlie. We are still the same people but different priorities make us feel like things have changed a bit more. In the best way possible. 

Dave looks like such a hot dad in these photos. He bought this Barbour Tinford jacket a few years ago and still wears it season after season. I swear he also buys these loafers year after year because they work with shorts, jeans, khakis – everything. I would say Dave’s style is definitely classic and in the past few years he has really streamlined and perfected his style. He is way more concerned with fit (when we first met I swear he was wearing flare jeans) and gravitates towards tailored pieces. He is going to grow up to be such a silver fox – but I’ll take him as he is for now. 

Outfit details: Barbour Tinford Coat, Billy Reid Shirt, AG Slim Straight Pants, 1901 Loafers, Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses, Shinola Watch

In collaboration with Nordstrom

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