Staying Active and Having Fun with Dave

Staying active around the holidays can be tough. I’m always looking for ways to get motivated to hit the gym, a favorite exercise class or get outdoors. I feel like I’m constantly coming up with excuses to stay inside whether it is 20 degrees outside and I’d rather stay bundled up with Charlie, I’m too tired or there is peppermint ice cream in the fridge (am I right?). 

One of my favorite quotes is “be stronger than your excuses.” Easier to do this when you have someone to hold you accountable. Dave and I are constantly coming up with ways to make being active as a family more fun. This year we got a jump start on our new year’s resolutions and decided to make a point of getting outside every single day (regardless of the temperature).

For Dave and I, being “active” means getting fresh air, taking Webster on a long walk, jogging along the lake with Charlie and finding places in our own backyard that encourage an active/fun lifestyle. I feel like this concept comes from a positive mindset which we try to reflect in our daily lives. 

One of my favorite recreation brands is Outdoor Voices, which prides itself on inspiring people to do things – dropping expectation, moving your body and having fun! I love this mindset. Once you let go of the pressure to be active, being active is so much more enjoyable! It makes exercising way more sustainable. Finding something you love with someone that you love is a great combo.

We wanted to start 2017 off on the right foot and decided to invest in workout wear that would encourage our new routine. Dave LOVES his Cool Down Kit which comes with the Upstate Hoodie and Runningman Sweats in one (an $80 savings!). He even wears the hoodie with jeans and the sweats are his go-to weekend wear. I’m wearing the Two-Tone Warm Up Legging and the Featherweight Hurdle Longsleeve Tee. Outdoor Voices products are so soft and make moving easy! I also added these leggings, this jacket and this tee to my closet, too. 

If you’re looking for some last minute holiday gifts, they have so many great options for both men and women. Plus, free shipping and free returns! You can shop our favorites below (I pretty much want everything in the new arrivals)…

Outfit Details: Two-Tone Warm Up Legging, Featherweight Hurdle Longsleeve Tee, Men’s Cool Down Kit in Navy

In collaboration with Outdoor Voices.

Photos by Heather Talbert.

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