The Best Hot Chocolate in Chicago

In collaboration with American Express.

Happy National Chocolate Day! I bet you are wondering why I know that and well…it is because I love chocolate. I also love donuts and you have probably realized by now that I know all the best bakeries to get my fix in this city.

Dinkel’s is a famous bakery that has been a staple in our city since 1922. When you walk in it is like a step back in time. They have, without a doubt, the most amazing hot chocolate I have ever had in my life, topped with homemade whip cream. I dream about this hot chocolate and all of the sweets they have. I find myself circling the counters never able to decide what I actually want! But their chocolate covered cake donuts are ridiculously good; the frosting is always thick and soft. You absolutely can not go for the hot chocolate without getting the chocolate donut!

Dinkel’s is a Chicago staple. A small business that locals support for a reason. When you walk in the door it reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen and helping her prepare Thanksgiving dinner every year. A little taste of home! Exactly what I love about those mom and pop shops that makes this city so special.

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How will you celebrate National Chocolate Day? Make the trip to Dinkel’s! You won’t be disappointed.

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