Fall Floral Arrangement

This post makes me happy and was such a fun day spent designing beautiful floral arrangements which I truly never thought I could do myself! I promise that creating something this beautiful is surprisingly easy, it just requires a few supplies and some dedication. I love getting together with my girlfriends and baking around the holidays, writing our holiday cards while listening to festive music, hosting intimate dinner parties and now a fun little floral party is on the list {complete with champagne and sweets}. This floral arrangement is perfect for hostess gifts, Thanksgiving table centerpieces, holiday gifts, etc. Get the details below…

We used the following flowers/greens: black beauty roses, isle spray roses, orange spray roses, antique hydrangeas, grasses, hypericum berries, purple kale, orange dahlias, and a deep burgundy cymbidium orchid.

You’ll also need:

  • a pretty vase/box/flower planter. We used a simple wood square from Michaels and make sure to buy a plastic liner to insert inside so water doesn’t leak
  • floral foam {cut to fit your planter} – remember to soak in water before using!
  • floral picks to attach to flowers/plants that require a longer stem {we used this on the orchid}
  • floral sheers

Cut foam to fit your planter. Make sure you have a plastic liner so water doesn’t leak!

We used antique hydrangeas as the greenery base for the arrangement. Start by cutting stems and randomly placing them into the floral foam. There is no order for this arrangement so just kind of go with it! And know that you can always go back and fill in any sparse areas.

We used kale to buff up the arrangement. Tiffany of Oliver Dogwood says to use a large piece of kale in the center to not only fill up space but act as the centerpiece of the arrangement. I love the way this looks! Cut smaller kale leaves and mix in with the hydrangeas. Once you feel you have a good base start adding the flowers to the centerpiece.

We randomly placed roses, berries, furry grasses and small autumn leaves at various heights. Remember to cut them down to fit the floral arrangement.

Using a floral pick we added the most gorgeous orchid which was the prettiest little surprise nestled into the arrangement.

I love all of the fall colors that Tiffany chose to use! Visit your local flower shop and ask the florist to help you choose flowers that will compliment each other. I highly recommend using the antique hydrangea and kale as a base. Feel free to mix in faux flowers or plants, too. If this doesn’t scream fall and the season of gift giving, I don’t know what does! You can’t help but smile when you receive flowers and I promise you’ll be so proud of yourself when you accomplish this beautiful arrangement yourself!

In collaboration with Oliver Dogwood. Photos by Heather Talbert.



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