5 Things I Didn’t Know About Pregnancy

At almost 34 weeks into my pregnancy I’m starting to feel like I have a grasp on this whole 9 month process. It can be an amazing experience, if you let it, but I have definitely noticed a few things that I was not only surprised by but changes that I wasn’t expecting to affect me as much as they have. I know a lot of you might not be pregnant but I posted this photo on instagram last week and was overwhelmed by the response/comments that came rushing in. No matter what issues, hurdles, challenges or changes we are going through you know that someone out there is going through something similar and it helps to put good vibes into the universe to know that you’re not alone in any negative or positive feelings you may be experiencing. This community is an amazing platform to help empower women and I hope that this post helps you when you’re in this position.

1. Pregnancy will test your confidence. Before I got pregnant I always told myself I would be the cutest pregnant person, ever. I would get dressed everyday, rock the bump, and just be one of those super adorable moms-to-be that I admired on the streets or on Pinterest. Although it may seem like I’ve got it together on the blog, trust me, I’m trying really hard and most days that’s not the case.

For the majority of my pregnancy {up until 28 weeks-ish}, I felt great! I would say to people that aside from a growing belly, I honestly forget that I’m pregnant. I was comfortable and loving that people were actually taking notice of the fact that I was pregnant {and didn’t just eat a very large lunch}. However, overnight my pregnancy hit overdrive and getting dressed felt/feels like climbing Mount Everest. With social media, blogs, Pinterest, and the general pressure that society puts on women during their pregnancy it is difficult to hide from the fact that being pregnant and feeling pregnant is hard on not only your body but your body image. Opening my closet and seeing all of these items that I physically can’t wear, browsing your favorite stores knowing nothing fits, realizing that proportions that you are usually comfortable in make you look like you weigh way more than you do, and gaining 7 pounds in 2 weeks {seriously} is a really uncomfortable feeling. It’s honestly something I struggle with daily and reading your comments on this instagram were a huge comfort. It helps to remind myself that this is 9 short months where I am selflessly giving myself to something else. Weight comes and goes regardless of whether or not I’m pregnant so it is best to just embrace the change and look forward to what it brings in return.

My tip – find cute maternity wear. A few of my favorites include ASOS, Isabella Oliver, HATCH, Shopbop’s Maternity and Rosie Pope.

2. You will have a new-found appreciation for your body. Although your body image might be a little skewed towards the end of your pregnancy, you will also feel so proud of the things your body can do. We are growing a human. A pumping heart, lungs, a brain, skin, eyes, fingernails, bones – I mean it is absolutely incredible. I’ve honestly felt like my mind and body have been two different beings throughout the past 8 months. As soon as I start to panic that something feels off, I have a headache or a lovely symptom starts to take over more than normal it’s like my body becomes this machine telling me that everything is as it should be. It’s a very powerful feeling knowing that you’re doing something bigger than yourself. It makes you feel invincible and makes all of the negative feelings worth it.

3. Goodbye sleep. Pregnancy insomnia has hit me like a ton of bricks in my third trimester. I was definitely not prepared for the lack of sleep and the affects it would have on my day-to-day. As someone who has always relied on sleep {I have always slept like a rock for 8-10 hours a night #imababy} this was a serious wake up call. I’m grateful that it is training me for what is to come but lack of sleep has been my biggest complaint of pregnancy. It’s hard to roll your big belly from side to side during the night, get comfortable in general, and ignore the continuous thoughts racing through your mind about what’s to come! I mentioned this in a previous post but lavender oils have been really helpful {put a drop or two on your wrists and temples}. *Also, completely random side effect that is a bitch – my feet have grown a full half size. Hoping they go back to normal once the baby arrives because none of my shoes fit!

4. Savor moments with your significant other and time in general. I find myself very emotional about the fact that in 6 weeks Liz and Dave will no longer be just Liz and Dave. Dave caught me staring at him very creepily a few weeks ago and when he asked me “what are you doing?” I just started sobbing. Haha. I know life is really about to begin when we see our child that we created together, but it makes me emotional thinking about the past 6 selfish years we have spent together. Time is a funny thing these days – I feel like I’m stuck in this in-between where life is on hold. Like I’m about to walk through this door that is going to close behind me and I’m never going to be able to unlock that part of my life again. When I found out I was pregnant I immediately called my mom and asked if I could still come home once I was a mom and if she would still cook me breakfast and let me pretend to be a child. I get emotional just thinking about the past 29 years and this huge leap that I’m about to take. It’s exhilarating and scary all at once. But when one door closes, another door opens and knowing that this is everything I’ve always wanted helps me find comfort in the adventure!

5. Every experience is different and you don’t know until you know. You can read all of the books, ask all of your friends, and until you experience it yourself you have no idea what the hell is happening. I’ve talked to so many people, asked questions and it’s in one ear and out the other until you are in it. You just have to trust the process, trust the strength of your body, and trust that something bigger than you is watching over you and your baby. Every ache, pain, upset stomach typically means that your baby is using your body the way it needs to {unless you’re really worried then obviously call your doctor!} so you just have to sit back – or lay down, on your side, in the fetal position, with a pillow between your legs – and enjoy the ride.

I can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on for our baby in the coming months! Our nursery, baby gear, and the rest of our new apartment in Lincoln Park. Lots of fun ahead and I’m so thankful to have your continued support. xo

And remember…“Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.” Attitude is everything, you have to enjoy the adventure!

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