7 days ago by Liz

One of my focuses in the new year is to really streamline my personal style. Instead of wasting money on items that are worn once or twice, I’m going to invest in pieces that truly reflect my lifestyle. Want to join the fun? I’m sharing the questions that I ask myself to decide whether those items in my closet are worth saving or it’s time to say goodbye. 

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8 days ago by Liz

Happy New Year, friends! I know we are officially 8 days into the new year but today is a good enough day to start my “new year” goals. It felt so refreshing to take a couple weeks off from the blog. It went by in the blink of an eye but it felt good to rest, recharge and really spend quality time with family. You don’t realize how much time you dedicate towards something until you take time away. Not only physically but mentally and emotionally. I loved freeing up some space in my head. It gave me the chance to actually think about all of my hopes and dreams for the year ahead. 

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24 days ago by Liz

I love the holidays for all of the obvious reasons but the true meaning of Christmas has really hit home for me this year. It’s an experience outside of my own. Watching Charlie truly learn the magic of this season while soaking up every minute of Jack’s sweet newborn sounds and smells. I feel especially grateful this year that God has blessed Dave and I with two healthy and happy boys. That we can provide them with a warm bed, a roof over their heads, food and all of the love in the world. I’ll never take that for granted. As I’ve gotten older, the meaning of Christmas means so much more to me. It means spending time with loved ones, giving back, helping those less fortunate, small acts of kindness and remembering where you came from.

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