20 days ago by Liz

Whoever came up with this recipe is a genius and it definitely was not me. I am a poser when it comes to recipes and this one is no exception! I have been making these easy and healthy two ingredient pancakes for Charlie (and myself) for breakfast. Charlie will down 3 or so in just a few minutes and he enjoys them as is just as much as with syrup. I add a few dashes of cinnamon for an extra kick/sweetness but otherwise all you need are two ingredients for these easy and healthy pancakes. Here’s what to do…

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21 days ago by Liz

It’s no surprise that fall is my favorite season. I already find myself excited for the cooler mornings and the idea of leaves falling in the coming months. I’ve been eagerly stocking up on a few new items here and there – booties, long cardigans, easy dresses, new denim, sneakers, jackets and more. Fall goes back to basics for me. Year after year I’m still wearing items I purchased seasons before and that’s because I like to stick to classic pieces. This year I’ve been drawn to this dusty rose color, camo green (I love these pants), ivory, navy and grey with pops of leopard and gold accessories (how fun are these?).

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22 days ago by Liz

What makes you happy? Like genuinely happy. I was thinking about this the other day as I vision my life getting more and more hectic in the coming months. Lately I’ve been feeling a little discouraged. Mostly by my to-do list which seems to get longer and never accomplished. I’m really struggling to prioritize as I constantly feel torn between focusing on growing my business and giving attention to my family and myself. It’s a battle I know that I’ll never win but it’s something that stresses me out. 

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