10 days ago by Liz

On Sunday morning Charlie decided to wake up at 5:45am so by 8am we were ready to get out of the house. We decided to head for an early breakfast and coffee date outside at Floriole and couldn’t help but pop into Sweet Mandy B’s to see their summer selection. How cute are these cookies? So yummy, too. I love this little part of Lincoln Park. It’s a quiet street with the sweetest shops and a spot we will definitely miss once we move to the suburbs. 

Charlie looks like such a big boy in these photos. I swear somedays he wakes up and looks older. He has such a big personality (and a little attitude!) but our days togethers are so much fun. He received so many compliments on his outfit and the entire look is from Nordstrom!

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13 days ago by Liz

Let me tell you a funny story about Dave. You know when a brand is advertising a cologne or perfume in a magazine and they have that little sample flap that you can pull apart and test the fragrance? Dave LOVES THOSE. Whenever we travel, without fail, he goes through a magazine and tries the cologne pages. He literally rubs them on his chest. It is a hilarious and weird habit but something that I love about him. I remember the first time we traveled together he rubbed D&G Light Blue on his shirt. He loved it so much that he then rubbed it on his neck. By the time we sat down on the plane I’m pretty sure every passenger smelled like D&G Light Blue. He loved it so much that he bought it as soon as we got home and it was always his go-to scent. Fast forward to having Charlie and our morning routines were cut in half. Once Dave’s bottle of cologne ran out last year it had never been replaced.

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15 days ago by Liz

So let’s talk about staying motivated? It’s tough, right? I’ve been told that it takes 21 days to create a habit and I definitely believe this to be true. Once you start noticing your body change, it is pure motivation to keep going! Now that I’m taking a break from my routine from the last 6 months I’m struggling to find the motivation to get back with it again. I think it is more of a consistency issue. I need something to hold me accountable. 

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20 days ago by Liz

Swimsuits, you hate to love them! The daunting feeling of preparing for bikini season is never fun but pretty swimsuits make it much better. I swear the swim industry has really up’d their game in the past few years. I’ve curated quite the collection (that sadly won’t get worn this summer!) and wanted to share a few brands that I think are essential.

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22 days ago by Liz

I bought this dress at Nordstrom but sadly it sold out so quickly and is no longer available! It is by Rebecca Taylor (one of my all time favorite designers) who does feminine style so well. A ton of her styles are part of the Half Yearly Sale if you’d like to browse. I did find a few similar dress styles here, here, here and here. Is anyone else addicted to checking the daily new arrivals at Nordstrom? It’s my favorite thing to do in the mornings with my cup of coffee. 

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