15 days ago by Liz

One of my most frequently asked questions is about my skincare routine which is so flattering because I happen to take my skin very seriously! As I’ve gotten older (and even more recently since becoming a mom) I’m starting to notice my skin aging a bit. I’m also aware of what the future holds for my skin. My mom and grandmother have beautiful, soft skin but it can also lack elasticity and I think wrinkles may be in my future. I have to say, there is something so amazing about age in the respect. You realize how amazing natural beauty really is and the importance of taking care of your skin and feeding it the best things you can, now. 

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18 days ago by Liz

It’s crazy to think that Charlie has been in our lives for 19 months. The late nights when I wrote about our first month together, three months together, wanting it all, a goodbye to breast feeding, six months together, a letter to myself and a letter to my husband – it hasn’t always been easy but I know that I am a better person since becoming a mom. Every day with Charlie is the best day. He lights up every room and truly gives life a new meaning.

Today I wanted to answer a few frequently asked questions about my baby boy…

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19 days ago by Liz

After I had Charlie I was on the hunt for items that rounded out my wardrobe. Pieces that were classic, feminine and would be acceptable for work, play, day or night. A silk dress is one item that I honestly couldn’t live without. Whether it is a meeting, lunch, travel requirement, date night, brunch with friends – this dress is always appropriate. I recently picked out this light grey dress from Everlane for spring/summer after having navy and black from previous seasons. It really can’t be beat for the $125 price tag. The quality is amazing and I love the bottom hemline that helps it fall just right. It is also double lined making it thick and luxurious. 

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