Building A Quality Winter Wardrobe

basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-15-of-16basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-14-of-16basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-13-of-16basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-12-of-16basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-1-of-1basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-16-of-16basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-5-of-16basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-8-of-16basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-10-of-16basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-11-of-16basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-6-of-16basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-4-of-16basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-2-of-16basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-1-of-16basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-3-of-16basic-mom-unifrom-liz-adams-9-of-16One of my most worn items in my closet is this Theory cardigan (currently on sale!). Living in Chicago quickly makes you realize the importance of building a quality winter wardrobe. Over the years I’ve learned to invest in clothing that will hold up year after year and this cardigan is a trusted favorite. 

The long cardigan is a staple year after year and this particular style doubles as an extra layer or a coat (ideally in the fall). It is so thick and warm! I swear this exact look has been my go-to for dinner with my girlfriends, meetings, date nights with Dave, travel days, this list goes on…I’ve linked a few of my favorite styles here, here and here. On another note, I had a post request about the perfect white blouse on my snapchat (follow me! @lizadamsss) and it got me thinking about my favorites. A white blouse is an essential in any woman’s wardrobe. A structured shirt, a feminine blouse, a silk tailored blouse, crisp cotton, a dressy white tee, something embellished and something soft and sweet

My good friend, Grace, created an exclusive jewelry collection with Ben-amun and it is amazing. I am absolutely obsessed with this necklace and also have these earrings packed for Charleston!

Outfit details: Theory Cardigan (on sale, wearing an XS), Old Navy Rockstar Denim, Sam Edelman Boots (on sale!), Chloe Hudson Bag, The Stripe x Ben Amun Necklace c/o

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19 thoughts on “Building A Quality Winter Wardrobe

  1. Love the simple white blouse you have on! Can you provide a link to it? I didn’t find it within the options you provided.


  2. Oh my gosh this post makes me so happy! You look great and the necklace looks beautiful on you. I love that sweater. 🙂 xoxoxoxox

  3. That BAG ??? every time it’s in a post I want it more! Love these pics in the snow!

  4. Hi! I’d love to know which white blouse it is you’re wearing in this post. I didn’t see one linked in your suggestions or the outfit details that resembled this one (and I’m totally cool if it’s an out-of-stock item!)

    I don’t have a blog, just a serious shopping habit! Thanks for your help!

  5. HOW do you get your boots to stay up? I have these too and they fall down to mid-calf with just 10 steps!