Holiday Gift Guide: For the Kiddos + Giveaway

the best holiday gift ideas for one year old kidsToday I’m sharing my favorite gift ideas for the kiddos. I have to preface this post by saying it is closely tailored to Charlie’s age which is one years old. A lot of these items could easily extend to kids that are older but I am speaking from experience. Here are a few of our tried and true favorites…

Monica + Andy is a Chicago based kids clothing brand that you need to know about. My friend Monica started the business because she felt a void for organic, high quality products. I love what this company stands for (go mom’s!) and it helps that the products are seriously to die for. Their prints are amazing and Charlie has a full wardrobe dedicated to M+A favorites. We love the frenchie and bear pajamas and all of their blankets (Charlie has 5!). Also, if you’re gifting to new moms their cuddle boxes are genius (I give the hospital box to friends rather than flowers). 

I bought this monogrammed weekender right after Charlie was born. It fits all of his clothes, diapers, toys, blankets and anything else we need for weekends away. I’ve also bought one for my brother and sister because they are just so good. 

Charlie loves his rocking bear. My parents gave it to him for Christmas last year and he rides it at least 12 times per day. I love that it says his name on the side, too!

A baby cashmere hoodie!!!!!! That’s all.

Charlie’s favorite toy are the Melissa & Doug produce items. It’s so cute! He carries around the banana all day long.

Now that Charlie can walk, he is all about the Fisher Price popper toy. I remember this from when I was little! It feels special to watch him use the same toy.

Baby Hunters (enough said).

Jellycat’s. Buy one for someone you love and one for yourself. 

Not photographed but so many of you ask about Charlie’s tunnel that you’ve seen on snapchat. It is his FAVORITE.

Today I’m giving away a $250 gift card to Monica + Andy to one lucky reader!! Follow the rafflecopter below to enter. A winner will be announced on Tuesday morning. Good luck! xo

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189 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: For the Kiddos + Giveaway

  1. Great gift ideas! They are so cute! Definitely adding some of these to my sons xmas list !

  2. This will be my little guy’s first Christmas and it’s been hard not to go overboard on gifts! This isn’t helping, Liz! 😉

  3. Fave memory: Getting xmas jammies on Christmas Eve every year from my parents. Now my husband and I do it!

  4. These are great choice, Liz! My daughter is 2 1/2 and she loves the JellyCat penguin she got from her auntie when she was born!

    My fave Christmas memory is watching Home Alone with my sister, brother and cousins!

  5. I loved our tradition of always baking holiday cookies with my grandmother and cousins every year!

  6. I’m about to have my third child (first boy!) and I love this cute gift guide! Can’t wait to try the Monica + Andy jammies!!

    My favorite memory as a child was decorating the tree with my family while my moms Christmas records played on the record player 🙂

  7. I remember the anticipation of Christmas morninh and magic of seeing the tree all lit up and surrounded by things left by Santa and our stuffed stockings.

  8. I love how our sons are the same age so I can relate to it all. I remember growing up and loving my rocking horse, so I know my son will like his ?

  9. I love all of this!! Favorite Christmas memory… Christmas Eve mass with my whole family!

  10. My favorite Christmas memory as a child was our whole family wearing matching pajamas on Christmas Eve and reading the Polar Express!

  11. Great Round up, Liz!

    Favorite childhood memory – my family did not celebrate Christmas growing up but I do remember heading to my neighbor’s home to each spinach dip and watch Christmas movies 🙂 I loved it. I am so happy to have a family of my own and we are having our FIRST Christmas at our home in Chicago (we are due with our 3rd baby girl any day) I would LOVE to be able to buy her some of these amazing items from Monica & Andy!

  12. oh and my favorite memory! hmm, probably our annual frozen walk on the golf course before eating christmas dinner!

  13. Charlie always has the cutest jammies on – can’t wait to try these on my kiddo!

  14. These are great gift ideas! Thanks for sharing. My favorite Christmas memory is going to my grandmas house on Christmas morning to get homemade cinnamon rolls.

  15. My little one loves playing with fake food too… And obviously anything soft!! ?

  16. My favorite Christmas memory is likely more a conglomerate of several– years of opening matching gifts with my siblings & cousins from our grandparents, treats galore, and general merriment.

  17. I love the popper!!! I had one when I was little too! I’d love to try out Monica and Andy for my niece’s first Christmas!

  18. My favorite memory was waking up and finding a jingle bells and corn from the reindeer deer outside on the ground! I was so thrilled that I had “proof” Santa had come!

  19. All of these picks are adorable. I love the personalized rocking bear too cute!
    Kelsey |

  20. My favorite Christmas memory is santa dropping new Christmas pajamas off his sleigh every Christmas Eve.

  21. Such cute stuff! I can’t wait to make magical Christmases for my twins. I remember being a kid and in awe of what Santa left for me!

  22. Hands down putting up the tree and decorating. We had ornaments that went back to my Grandparents and it was so special putting them on the tree.

  23. My favorite Christmas memory was just being at my great grandmother’s house. She always had the best food and she made like 20 different kinds of cookies!

  24. My favorite memory was wrapping presents for all of my family while listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate by our fire. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!!

  25. being flower girl for my parents’ best friends, who were married in our home on NYE 25+ years ago.

  26. Christmas mornings!!! It was always so much fun – waking up and then making breakfast together.

  27. I would love to win the gift card to pick up a few items for my sister’s baby, who is coming in a few months … and a little something for my nephew … the big brother-to-be!

  28. i loved opening a gift every christmas eve! my parents always said all the gifts were for christmas day, but they always “caved”. ?

  29. Waking up with my brothers and running out to the living room to see the tree with all the presents! And then…celebrating again the next day for my birthday!!

  30. We used to drive to Michigan (from Charleston, SC!) to spend Christmas with my mom’s family. I loved waking up at grandma and grandpas house with the smell of cinnamon buns!

  31. For whatever reason, I remember my sister and I getting “moon shoes” one year from Santa and the amount of happiness (and ridiculousness) those things brought has always stuck with me 🙂

  32. Definitely remember receiving a dollhouse from my parents, and my brothers all giving little furniture and food that went inside! So precious 🙂

  33. Love these ideas!! My favorite Christmas memory is decorating our tree as a family listening to Christmas music and baking Christmas cookies with my mom <3

  34. Love all of these gift ideas! My favorite memory was going to my grandmas house in pajamas on Christmas morning to get fresh homemade cinnamon rolls.

  35. Loving all these pick for my little nephew! My favorite holiday memory is setting up the milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. I can remember my mind being blown the next morning seeing he ate them. 🙂

  36. My favorite Christmas memory from when I was a child is going caroling at the local nursing home. Afterwards we would eat cookies and drink hot cocoa.

  37. Helping my mom decorate the house for Christmas! I swear it made the whole house seem magical.

  38. My favorite Christmas memory is visiting the Wanamaker Building in Philadelphia. One of the oldest department stores in the country and has a beautiful, classic lightshow playing every 30 minutes. It is fantastic and a real throw back. -Alicia

  39. This is such a cute post! I love all the ideas. The cashmere hoodie looks so cozy!

  40. My favorite memory is trying to get through the obstacle course to sneak a peek at our presents before our parents woke up!

  41. We would spend Christmas in Florida with my grandparents when we were young, and the palm trees covered in twinkle lights were my favorite!

  42. My favorite Christmas memory from growing up is waking up at my grandparent’s home and being surrounded by extended friends and family on Christmas morning. I can’t wait to start those kind of traditions with my new niece!

  43. Great gift ideas! My fav holiday memory was racing to the Christmas tree to see what Santa left me and my brother on Christmas morning. Can’t wait to do the same for our little ones

  44. All such great gift ideas! My fave Christmas memory is watching Home Alone and always getting new pajamas and socks 🙂

  45. My favorite xmas memory was definitely reading the Polar Bear Express on Christmas Eve and opening *one* present (that my parents had to approve).

  46. I’ve been wondering if my kid would like play food for Christmas, and this may have just sealed the deal! I also am dying for one of those sweet rockers:)

  47. My favorite childhood Christmas memory is celebrating St. Nicholas Day and leaving my shoes outside my door. I always loved it because not everyone celebrated this, but my parents were all about it so it made me feel extra special as a kid. Will definitely be carrying on the tradition with my family!

  48. favorite memory: walking down the stairs to see the tree sparkling and full of gifts, and my dad was always waiting at the bottom with his santa hat on, shouting MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  49. I have really fond memories of cutting down the family Christmas tree together… and now that I’m a parent I realize how much WORK that must’ve been for my parents. I appreciate it even more now!

  50. After looking at all the adorable pieces from Monica and Andy…I’m wishing there were more ways to win the raffle. Love LOVE love!

  51. I loved walking up early and getting to open stockings while we waited for the parents to finally wake up!!

  52. I always love family breakfast on Christmas morning. Everyone is in new pjs, presents are waiting under the tree, and the house smells delicious!

  53. This is my first Christmas with a little one so I appreciate all your great ideas! I love the overnight bag. Grace is always borrowing mine so I think it is time to invest in one of her own.

  54. Leaving cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. I would always mark the glass to make sure “Santa” actually drank some of the milk!

  55. One of my fav Christmas memories is that my mom always used to make “Christmas tree soup” (with tree shaped noodles) for us as kids on Christmas Eve before we went off to church and other parties. This year we’ll be celebrating my daughter’s 1st Christmas so I’m really excited for the holiday season and making new memories!

  56. My favorite memory is baking cookies for santa and trying to stay up late enough to see him with my brothers. Never failed we would all be passed out in one of our rooms.

  57. I am one of 8 kids and each year in the beginning of December we would choose a Kris Kringle. Throughout December we would leave small treats and gifts on each other’s beds and then exchange a bigger gift on Christmas Eve. I loved that.

  58. My favorite Christmas memory is getting matching pjs with my family! I love all your picks for Charlie, I’m having a little boy in a few weeks so it’s so cool to see your choices of toys and clothes!

  59. My favorite memories of my toys were Lincoln Logs – something I also cant wait to get our little one for christmas this year.

  60. My favorite holiday tradition actually starts at Thanksgiving. We get (and now our kids get) christmas pajamas after Thanksgiving dinner from the “Thanksgiving Fairy” and we kick off the season!

    xx Nina

  61. I love Christmas for kids! Favorite memory was hanging with my brother on Christmas morning until it was late enough for my parents to get out of bed so we could see what Santa brought.

  62. Opening the stockings because there was always chocolate inside and it was the one special occasion to eat chocolate that early!

  63. Favorite Christmas Memory: my Dad would give out houseshoes every year to all the kids at Christmas, those became a tradition!

  64. Thank you for all of the great ideas! I will definitely be referring to this post to shop for my nephew and my baby!

  65. Favorite memory is definitely how me and my three sisters had to wait at the top of the stairs together every Christmas morning until Mom and Dad ‘made sure Santa came.’ I remember every year all of us sitting there feeling the joy of Christmas together. Cannot wait for my daughter’s first Christmas this year.

  66. My dad always made cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. It’s a tradition that still lives on today!

  67. My favorite memory from Christmas is getting engaged! Sappy I know, but this time of year always reminds me of that special time and getting to spend it with family.

  68. My favorite Christmas memory is waiting until midnight on Christmas Eve to open one gift, then opening the rest of my gifts Christmas morning in our pj’s!

  69. Spending Christmas Eve night in the same room as my siblings and each getting to open one gift early!

  70. Helping my aunt and uncle decorate their Christmas Tree (they had the coolest ornaments) and then falling asleep on their floor with my sister and brother while watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 🙂

  71. My favorite Christmas memory would have to be when I got my chihuahua, Gizmo. He is now 14 years old and the best dog ever!

  72. My 11 month-old would love Santa if he brought these gifts down the chimney this year!

  73. Favorite Christmas memory from childhood is at 9 years old (1999) getting my very own Discman! it was huge and obviouslyyyy i wore it around, bulging out of my pockets, everywhere i went.

  74. My favorite Christmas memory is coming downstairs Christmas morning with my brother and sister and seeing all the presents wrapped so beautifully under the tree . Like magic ! I have tried to recreate that sensation for my children each year !

  75. Reading ‘The Night Before Christmas’ every Christmas Eve with my brother and parents. Carrying the tradition on with my daughter now!

  76. My daughter loves her PBK rocker! Such a great gift guide! Favorite Christmas memory is Christmas morning with my fam.

  77. My favorite childhood memory is sleeping on floor pallets with my older siblings. Have a wonderful holiday season! Its definitely more fun now that I have a little one.

  78. I’ve been wanting to order a blanket from Monica and Andy for my daughter for Christmas so this would be perfect!

  79. Love all of these!! My niece is arriving any day now and definitely planning to get her some Monica and Andy goodies! They’re so cute!

  80. My favorite childhood memory was opening pajamas on Christmas Eve. Every year we’d get a new pair to snuggle into and enjoy Christmas morning in as a family!!

  81. Favorite Xmas memory: Walking into the living room to find an adorable Scottish Terrier puppy sitting under the tree. I never thought my parents would get us a dog and was so ecstatic!

  82. My favorite memory- Baking Christmas cookies with my parents and delivering them to the neighbors.

  83. Best childhood memory was full family black tie dinners in Christmas Eve at my grandparents house, every year we had a mystery guest join us!

  84. I’m so looking forward to Xmas this year with my almost 1 year old! I think we might get him a play kitchen. He loves our real one!

  85. I love all the monicaandandy items and I love this time of year! Since my mom’s birthday is on christmas, I remember birthday cake was always on the menu for dessert.

  86. I loved opening new pajamas on Christmas Eve to wear that night! Love Monica and Andy!

  87. These are such cute gift ideas for little ones! My favorite Christmas memories are decorating the tree and cooking large meals with the family before midnight mass each year. I’m hoping my own little ones will have similar happy memories. ?

  88. Every Christmas morning we’d eat aebleskivers and see how many we could eat. The biggest goal was to beat dad!

  89. Great picks! My favorite memory as a child (and what I’m so excited for with my babies) is the inability to sleep in on Christmas morning and the excitement of waiting at the top of the stairs. It was a mad dash to the tree when our parents gave the go ahead!

  90. Favorite memory: getting a 101 Dalmatian set to play with! I didn’t let go of it for years!

  91. Love these ideas! The corn popper is a definite favorite in our house. Adding the Melissa and Doug food set to our list 🙂

  92. Favorite Christmas memory; opening new Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve and wearing them while opening stocking Christmas morning.

  93. my best friend is preggers with her first bebe & it’s still a secret! would love to surprise her with this little gift!

  94. I always loved OpenIng my stockings first thing Christmas morning with my brother. I’m excited to start Christmas memories with my 10 month old daughter this year!

  95. Love that weekender bag! And Charlie is seriously the cutest!


  96. My favorite memory when I was little decorating the house with my mom while listening to Christmas music. We set up a coffee table with a nativity scene, animals and little houses. Love Christmas season!

  97. My favorite Christmas memory is sneaking out of bed early in the morning to see the presents under the tree!

  98. Liz! Loving all of your giveaways!!! Hope I’m a lucky one so I can buy something for Olivia from Monica + Andy! Xo.

  99. Mary Paige loves a Lot of these too. Will have to try the Melissa and Doug produce set!

  100. favorite memory is waiting on the steps with my siblings while my parents confirmed “santa actually came” – even after we were old enough to know 🙂

  101. So cute! I remember the little popper (and the bubble-blowing lawn mower) from Christmas when I was little. And how the noise making part of the toys always went away after a few weeks… I suspect my Dad had enough of the popping and clicking and clacking! It’s a first Christmas for our almost 7 month old, definitely adding some of these to Santa’s list!

  102. one of my favorite christmas memories was when my parents got my a jack russell terrier puppy! I was 12 (i think?) and totally obsessed with the show Wishbone (do you remember that one? where the little dog “acted” in classic stories). anyways it was such a happy surprise and I named my little wishbone dog Holly 🙂 xoxo

  103. My favorite memory was getting my Christmas dress at Marshall fields downtown every year then wearing it on Christmas Eve!

  104. I love Charlie’s style! ❤️ My favorite memory was opening our matching Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve!

  105. I really, really love this! My nephew is just over a year and I’m finding it really hard to find toys in that age range. Seems like everything I find is either for really little ones or like 3+. Thanks again!

  106. Fave memory is opening stockings with my sister. Will soon be adding a new little stocking to the mantel!

  107. My favorite memory is decorating the tree the day after Thanksgiving and each picking out our favorite ornaments ☺️

  108. Serving Christmas Breakfast to the homeless at the shelter. I will never forger. Tis the season right.

  109. Waiting on the stairs on Christmas morning for everyone to wake up so we could all go see the tree together!

    1. And my favorite memory is eating my mom’s gingerbread cookies and decorating sugar cookies.

  110. Favorite Christmas memory – it’s hard to choose just one! On the drive home from my grandmother’s house on Christmas night, my dad would take the long route and drive through downtown Boston to see the lights in the Boston Commons. After a busy, fun day, I remember being able to hardly keep my eyes open on the ride home – but always perked up when we drove by those sparkly trees!

  111. Love all of these products. My favorite childhood memory was when we drove across the country from Boston to Los Angeles. Can’t wait to do it with my kids.

  112. My favorite memory was when my siblings and I would jump on our parents bed to wake them up on Christmas Day so we could open up our presents. Happy holidays to you and your family!