Complexion Rescue

LIZ_Bare_Minerals_001LIZ_Bare_Minerals_029 LIZ_Bare_Minerals_021 LIZ_Bare_Minerals_027LIZ_Bare_Minerals_031 LIZ_Bare_Minerals_053 LIZ_Bare_Minerals_056 LIZ_Bare_Minerals_062 LIZ_Bare_Minerals_063I vividly remember the first time my mom took me shopping for makeup. I was a sophomore in high school and we headed to Nordstrom one day after school to check out this new beauty line, bareMineralsbareMinerals was different in that it was all natural {which means no oil, parabens, or silicone}, contained a ton of good nutrients for you skin, was built to be applied in layers for a light, clean look, and really worked to match your skin perfectly. I sat down in the makeup artist’s chair and was totally blown away by how good my skin felt, how natural I looked wearing makeup {compared to other girls my age!}, and obsessed with the ‘3’ rule of how to apply your makeup perfectly. I left feeling like a beauty pro! If my mom was going to spend money on makeup for her teenage daughter it was going to be good and I’ve been loyal to bareMinerals ever since.

Since then, I’ve tried almost every product Bare Minerals has released over the years with little disappointment. At the end of January, bareMinerals released their newest magic potion – Complexion Rescue – and I’m addicted. Think the best parts of a BB Cream, CC Cream, and tinted moisturizer in one. It is a hydrating gel cream loaded with mineral electrolytes {electrolytes for your skin!!!} for fast hydration and rapid absorption to keep your skin plump and fresh. A study showed a 215% increase in skin hydration in just one week! I’ve been wearing this daily for the past two weeks and notice a very clear difference in my skin. Not only have I received numerous compliments but after washing my makeup off after I long day, my skin feels soft and firm.

The top photos are without makeup {only a clean face and a little bit of moisturizer!} and I love how you can see the Complexion Rescue working to hydrate my skin, cover any discoloration, and brighten. Did I mention that it feels SO light? It’s literally like you’re wearing no makeup at all. If you’re looking to give you winter skin some love or are just in need of a new beauty product to amplify your current beauty routine – I highly recommend trying Complexion Rescue {use it with the Smoothing Brush for easy application!}.
*Note: I’m wearing a mix of Natural and Vanilla.

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Thank you to bareMinerals for sponsoring this post!

Photos by Heather Talbert.

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19 thoughts on “Complexion Rescue

  1. I’m a HUGE fan of BareMinerals and need to get my hands on the Complexion Rescue! I love everything about their products and love what they’ve done for my skin

    Hello There, Lady!

  2. this looks amazing! i started using their serum foundation last year and this looks like the perfect new addition for extra skincare help!

  3. This does impart a healthy, sheer glow on you! Do you feel the hydration you talked about lasts all day? I notice on myself that my foundation or tinted moisturizers tend to breakup and look dry by the end of the day….I’d love to hear how the Complexion Rescue lasts throughout the day for you! I might have to stop by Sephora and try a sample!

  4. I love bareMinerals but want to make sure my makeup will last all day! does complexion rescue seem to last well?

  5. I am so excited to try this! Bare Minerals was one of my favorites in high school too, and I love that they have released non-powder coverage. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  6. How natural & beautiful your skin, now I have to change my regime to bareMinerals and loved the eyeshadows

  7. Love your hair in the last photo! How do you get that perfect wave! Love BareMinerals!