2012 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Office

…maybe my favorite gift guide to date, especially because Alex and I have been busy decorating our own office! Plus, a giant pinboard, cute storage bins, a great starter kit, like and dislike stamps, and a pretty notebook
See all previous gift guides in this series here!

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25 thoughts on “2012 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Office

  1. Liz,

    All of these guides are SO great. You can tell you have put a lot of thought and work into them. Great job!



  2. LOVING all of this!! Love that frenchie stamp. I have a girlfriend who NEEDS that! I think I need the pencil holder for myself!! These posts are so amazing!!!!

  3. I love all of your gift guides you are such a creative mind! Beautiful pieces, again, my favorite item from this list is the pencil holder set.

  4. Love love all of the Rifle things…I mean how could you not? And that shit rock. I swear I need one of those for every room of my house.

  5. Love these office gifts!! I love that seahorse letter opener…it never fails I get a paper cup every time I open up an envelope! I have a $50 holiday card giveaway on my blog!Stop by to check it out!!

  6. I’m really loving all of your gift guides! I don’t even have an office and my house and I want all of this stuff!