4 days ago by Liz

Being pregnant definitely makes you think about what’s important for your body and over the past few months I’ve made a few simple changes that offer big results. 1. Get more sleep. At 31 years old I’ve realized that my body requires a solid 8 hours of sleep to fully function. 2. Drink more water. 3. Start my day with a satisfying breakfast option. Typically I wake up an hour before Charlie so I can quietly enjoy my cup of coffee and Quaker Overnight Oats.

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6 days ago by Liz

Over the weekend I shared a peek at my medicine cabinet and talked about a few of my favorite skincare products. I received so many questions and thought it would be best to share them here so you can refer back to them! To be clear, this post is focused on skincare which personally is more important to me than makeup products. The reason this topic was sparked was because one of my instagram followers asked me how I try so many products without fearing that they would cause me skin to breakout, etc.? I am really regimented about my skincare routine but I do switch it up/test new products. The products I do try are made up of similar ingredients to my staples – natural, clean and free of anything harsh irritants – which is why I never seem to notice an issue with my skin when I switch up my routine.

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7 days ago by Liz

Sunday night always comes with some sort of anxiety about the week ahead. To-do lists, busy schedules, restless sleep, healthy choices to be made, laundry that has been sitting in the dryer for 3 days…the list goes on. Last night I decided to write down a list of 10 things currently making me happy in hopes that it inspires a positive vibe going into Monday. 

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9 days ago by Liz

Today I want to share a delicious and healthy pumpkin spice smoothie recipe that is perfect for fall! I love the flavors that come with this season and pumpkin is no exception. However, a lot of the items you see on store shelves or at your favorite coffee shop are packed with sugar. I wanted to come up with a way to incorporate this flavor into something a little healthier. 

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